Precision Metal Stamping
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General Information
New England Precision, Inc. is a 80,000 square foot manufacturing and tooling facility offering the most experienced teams of professional personnel with the latest in tool, computer and precision metal stamping technology. Our expert approach in providing unsurpassed quality and accuracy in the shortest amount of time has earned us an impressive growing list of loyal customers. Our current market specialties include fire protection, lock hardware, decorative consumables, sporting equipment and leading automotive-related companies.

Customer Service
Our aim at New England Precision, Inc. is to exceed your expectations with every product shipment. Cutting edge technology, combined with the ever-increasing knowledge of our staff, allows us to consistently deliver on just the kind of innovative and flexible manufacturing processes so often required to meet your immediate needs. Creativity, efficiency and the ever growing commitment to our customer are the keys to our continual success at NEP

The Buying Edge
New England Precision, Inc. has a leading advantage over tool and stamping companies, by the unique approach we have developed for the purchase of materials. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer exceptional and innovative pricing programs. Your options include: Price/date of shipment, Price/date of order, or firm fixed prices up to two years forward. Additionally, our volumes of strip purchased afford us highly competitive fabrication charges by qualified leading mills. We also entertain Inventory Stocking Programs for those firms requesting just-in-time inventory levels. With samples pre-submitted from inventory items, it enables customers to entirely eliminate incoming inspections.

NEP’s mission is to successfully develop the necessary technology to design and build progressive tooling at the forefront of industrial demands. The tooling will be utilized along with material from qualified suppliers in an efficient systematic production facility to produce high quality stamped products. The products will be sold to a diverse group of successful customers. Their loyalty will be earned by exceeding their expectation with quality and service. Partnerships will be formed with growth, opportunity and prosperity for our customers, our people and our community.

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