Wire EDM Tooling
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Computer-Aided DesignCenter
The integration of the Cad Cam system into all operating divisions of New England Precision, Inc. has elevated our design center to a state-of-the art facility. Operating a computer-aided design center is essential in today's marketplace, saving our customers countless hours and dollars in designing costs. Additionally, our innovative design teams continually utilize the Cad/Cam to make the needed adjustments for minimizing scrap waste, thus affording optimal scrap factors to pass on directly to our customers.

Wire EDM
In conjunction with computer aided design, our state-of-the-art Wire EDM equipment works round the clock to fabricate most of the tooling parts needed for our dies. In addition to its unsurpassed accuracy and speed, the Wire EDM allows our design teams to catalogue a precise back-up of component parts in the least amount of time for any tooling in need of immediate replacement.

In-House Tool and Die
Maintaining a tool and die facility in-house is crucial to today's competitiveness in the stamping industry. With no dies in need of being sent out, New England Precision, Inc. is equipped to systematically tackle any troubleshooting first-hand and in the least amount of time, thus allowing for our continual success in getting product to our customers in the least amount of time.

Quality Assurance
New England Precision, Inc. was one of the first stamping and tool and die companies in the United States to be ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2008, and we will continue to be at the forefront of our industry when it comes to product quality, service and delivery. Our strengths lie in our determination to “get it right the first time” as well as our desire to act as a partner with our customers and suppliers to develop the best system and therefore the best product available. We pride ourselves in our understanding and responsiveness to the needs of our customer.

Precision Stamping
At New England Precision, versatility and flexibility are the key components utilized to skillfully produce all our parts with maximum accuracy and the longest tool life available. We offer press range capabilities from 45 tons to 180 tons, with combined speed ranges. Our sophisticated, well designed in-house systems of production allow us to expertly maintain and protect the high cost of tooling, which is critical in today's marketplace.

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